Central Air Conditioning

Installation and Maintenance

Central Air Conditioning Installation – Commercial & Residential

Designing your central air conditioning installation is not an easy task. There are many variables that need to be considered, like square footage, ceiling height, the location of the supply vents, and window size, just to mention some. At Quantum Air Conditioning, we have the experience to design your AC system in a way that meets or exceeds the efficiency standards. We also have the dedication to provide our clients with a five-star customer satisfaction and high-efficiency equipment to meet all your air conditioning needs. Call now to schedule a free air conditioning installation estimate and get a $500 discount on all new equipment installed.

Air Conditioning Service – Commercial & Residential

When the air conditioning system breaks down at business premises or the home, it can be such a letdown and a major inconvenience resulting in discomfort and, in some cases, loss of business. It is with this in mind that we at Quantum Air Conditioning have tailored an array of prompt, affordable and effective HVAC services for all our clients.

Having an AC system that functions properly throughout the year and especially during the summer is essential and allows you to maintain peace of mind within the comfort of your own home or business.

What stands out about our team at Quantum Air Conditioning is the obvious focus on customer satisfaction that we take seriously, plus all the technicians that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in tackling any air conditioning or heating system issue in the I.E and O.C. Irrespective of the HVAC model you might possess, our customers can rest assured that our technicians are able to assess, repair, service, and complete new installations. Our goal is always to restore the system back to working order in the least amount of time possible without compromising in the level of service.

Customers that have been served by our company give us a five-star review citing an excellent experience. They are also very pleased with the price which they say is very reasonable and they were able to schedule the installation or repair quickly.