Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Benefits

Electric heat pump air conditioning provides an efficient system for heating and cooling your home. During colder seasons, it provides warmth not by convert electricity directly into heat, but rather by absorbing the heat from the atmosphere or ground, multiplying it and then transferring heat to the home.

During warmer weather, the pump functions as an air conditioner. It transfers heat from the house and creates a cooling effect throughout. This process saves on energy usage for air conditioning.

These systems are much cheaper to use than those fueled by natural gas and do not generate dry air when heating. This spares you from having to use a humidifier to combat the dry air as is the case with furnaces.

The pump also provides uniform heating for the home. You will not experience frequent temperature fluctuations, as associated with other systems. Electric pumps are also quiet and comfortable to use. The air compressor is usually placed outside the building and helps to keep noise levels low.

Electrically-fueled pumps also have “green” benefits, as they do not pollute the environment. Other systems, such as furnaces, cause considerable pollution during combustion. The convenience, cleanliness, and efficiency of an electric heating pump add to the value of your home.

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